Rent it.  The Wynne-Russell House, built in 1826, is on the National Registry of Historic Places and is a pristine example of “Plantation Plain” architectural style of the upper Piedmont region.  The interior floors, walls and fireplaces are original and largely untouched by modern finishing. The site also includes a family cemetery.  The home is located at 4684 Wynne-Russell Drive in Lilburn.  Donations to the Lilburn Community Partnership, which oversees the operation of the house, are welcomed.

Saturday May 18, 

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Historic Wynne-Russell House

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Come and learn about the history of the home, the families that lived there and our on going preservation efforts! You might also hear a thing or two about ghostly happenings! Reservations are not required, but please note, there is ONE tour that starts at 10am. The tour is FREE and open to the public.

2nd Wednesday of every month from 5pm-6pm

Open to the public and anyone is welcome to join our group!

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